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Monday, November 06, 2006

PR Testimonials for Tyler Wright

“Tyler created and executed a campaign that got us over 50 media hits in our first 30 days of launch, including NY Times, National Post, Financial Times, and CNet.”
Roy de Souza, Founder & CEO, ZEBO, San Francisco

"We were covered by Entrepreneur Magazine and Canada's largest media outlets because of Tyler's efforts. This helped build excitement and momentum for our brand across the country."
Chris Griffiths, Founder & CEO, Garrison Guitars, Newfoundland

"Tyler helped us turn 1-800-GOT-JUNK? into a national household name by generating national and local publicity about the company. His ability to create and sell new angles to different media outlets was imperative in developing our brand, while growing from 20 to 95 franchises in two years, with very little money spent on franchise advertising.”
Brian Scudamore, Founder & CEO, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Vancouver

”Thanks to Tyler, COBS Bread received a surge of media hits – big and small – which spread the word further about our charitable causes and our fast growing brand.”
Braeden Lord, CEO, Cobs Bread, Vancouver

"During the time we worked with Tyler, many different publications covered our story, resulting in new business and franchise prospects."
Marty Metro, Founder & President, UsedCardboardBoxes.com, Los Angeles

“For two years in a row, Tyler has helped us get substantial national and local media about our cause, which took our message further and encouraged our team.”
Faytene Kryskow, Founder, 4MyCanada, Ottawa

"We have new clients as a result of the coverage that Tyler helped us get."
John DeHart, Co-Founder, Nurse Next Door, Vancouver

"Tyler helped us generate industry news stories which helped spread the word about our online radio channels."
Ari Shohat, Founder, Digitally Imported Radio, New York

“Tyler generated several media hits – paper, radio, and TV – for a festival we held for a local restaurant. The spin and the pitch were both executed successfully.”
Alan Bedingfield, Owner, Smak Media and Promotions, Vancouver


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